Powerful and honest debut from Nicholas Skirl, Denmark’s up-and-coming singer/songwriter

Foto: Dennis Morton
Posted by Steen Category: Seneste nyheder

First release from 22-year-old Nicholas Skirl is called ‘I’m Done’ and is a sincere and subtle insight into a young man’s experience with the feeling of being taken for granted. ‘I’m Done’ is saturated with a raw and vulnerable nostalgia rarely experienced at his age. His distinct sound is inspired from the acoustics and songwriting-tradition known from the 60’s, with a modern edge of soul and pop.

At age six, Nicholas Skirl’s noticeable musicality started developing when he first sat in front of the piano in his family home in Reading, England. It was the discovery and experience of jazz’ smooth melodies, and later, the seductive and raw guitar solos performed by the B.B. Kings that further amplified Nicholas’ musical interest. At age 12 he and his family moved to Denmark, and in his mid-teenage years he finds the courage and the need to write his own songs. In fact, he cannot stop writing songs, and draws inspiration from composition icons such as The Beatles, Paolo Nutini, Harry Styles and Sam Smith.
“My songs are about honesty! ‘I’m Done’ is my way of saying that everybody should just say what and how they feel instead of bottling it all up. Being honest is really about daring to be vulnerable”,

Nicholas Skirl shows a rare musical sensitivity with his debut single – in both lyrics and melody – which is honest, brutal and subtle all at the same time. It is a sound that sends you back to memories of those sleepless nights that smell of love, but taste like deceit.

Listen to the song here